How technology has transformed PR

In every sphere, technology has been a game changer and PR is no exception. Firstly, the whole process of dissemination of information is changing. Emails are still the preferred mode of communication when it comes to press releases and briefs. However, with today being a generation on the go, information such as videos, images and content are also being share via other platforms like Watzapp, chat messages in FaceBook and so on.

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter are now a closer means of engaging with clients. It also helps PR agencies identify journalists in a particular segment and reach them. It’s easier to stay in touch with them and quickly share information.

Today every brand has an online presence. Managing the online reputation has become a specialist entity by itself. Social platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs have to project the right image and maintain the consistency of brand positioning. A diversion from the overall brand approach can be catastrophic as the brand would then either get diluted or lose its brand equity. One the positive side, getting this right can mean generating a great deal of publicity and even going viral with posts.

Technology offers many creative new ways to create brand awareness, brand launches and press briefings for instance can use virtual walkthroughs, 3D kiosks, experiential promotions and so much more. After all, normal is boring

Today, technology is making brands a part of people’s lives. The onus on PR is to harness this the right way by planning a strong strategy and implementing it.

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