Professional email writing for PR professionals

How to write Email for PR Professionals?

Though there are loads and loads of material on how to communicate better on the internet, there are many who fail in the simple task of writing a professional email. The number of badly written emails that are received and fail to convey what it seeks to is a glaring communication loophole. Here are some great tips on how to get this right.

Understand Your Audience

All audiences are not made equal. When you write to your friends, your language and tone can be casual and you can even load your email with emojis, but when it comes to your clients, all this is a no-no. When you write to your client, make sure that the tone is professional and the content crisp.

The Greeting

The greeting or salutation can be Dear Mr. XXX or Dear Ms. This is very important. When you are emailing someone for the first time, it would be a good idea to include a line where you introduce yourself or mention where you met. For instant, “It was wonderful having met you yesterday.”

The Body

Make sure your main point after the greeting gets right down to the key point you want to make. Keep your emails crisp and break up content into paragraphs, preferably short ones. Highlight key points by making them into bullet points. Never use all caps or all lower case in your emails ever. Caps is considered shouting online. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms.

The One Thing Rule

Every email that you write must cover just one specific item, task, or request. In case, you go in for multiple actions, this may cause plenty of confusion. Stick with this rule and you will find that the flow of communication is highly effective.

Relevant Subject Line

Do not forget to include a relevant subject line that specifies what your mail is about. This is a very important part of your mail. Make it engaging as well.


The choice of font is important, go for easy-to-read fonts that are clear. The font is the typeface used in your email. The best option would be a sans serif and Gmail uses this as its default font. You may also go in for Arial, Helvetica, Tahoma, Terbuchet MS, or Verdana.

End On The Right Note

The end of your email must have your call to action. What this means is what you expect them to do on receiving your email. This could be asking for feedback, asking for approvals, seeking business and so on. Finish your emails with flourish. Use one of these, Sincerely, Yours truly, Thanks again, Appreciatively, Best regards or Respectfully. Make sure your signature is placed there and your contact details are also available,

Proofread Always

After you complete writing your email. It’s very important that you proof read it well. Make sure that your professional emails are error-free. Read them over once you are done. You can also use software like Grammarly to check for spelling and grammar errors and rectify them.

Use these tips and you’ll soon find yourself writing emails that your clients appreciate.

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