How to stand amid COVID, a PR perspective?

These days, the headlines dominating the globe are all about COVID 19. With more and more people falling ill due to this pandemic and major lockdowns globally, there is a sense of panic, fear and uncertainty among people from every strata of society.

Businesses have taken a hit. No-one knows when things will return to normalcy. In this situation ,how should you shape COVID messages from a PR perspective and also readapt your marketing strategy?

Focus on facts

Information on the pandemic is overflowing from all directions and can seem overwhelming to the reader. A relevant summary of the latest COVID news in a crisp format can keep you and the receiver of the message sane. Also make sure you steer clear from facts that have not been verified by a trustworthy source such as WHO. The internet and social media is floating with fake news about the coronavirus, for instance, recently there was a message claiming the virus will die in hotter climates. Something that has been dismissed by medical experts as fake.

Launch a campaign

Launch a campaign that brings out a message against fighting COVID 19 innovatively. Your message could deal with the importance of social distancing, the importance of washing hands frequently, activities that one could do during lockdown and so on. During this period, social media is your best bet for getting across your message. Don’t just do this, encourage your clients to roll out campaigns that are useful and help connect with their audience.

Stay relevant

For some brands, things could work during COVID 19. For instance, hand washes, the messaging could stress the importance of washing hands to protect oneself from the coronavirus. Financial brands can address the fear of economic repercussions by showing how their financial product can help.

Rolling out CSR

You could motivate clients to roll our CSR activities that help the fight against the coronavirus such as giving away free masks, food packets and support to daily wagers, motivating employees to voluntarily contribute to fighting the virus and so on. These activities could be showcased on the brand’s social media pages and this would inspire other brands and also generate goodwill.

Put on hold brand launches & unnecessary press releases

This is a time when you need to be judicious with what information you disseminate. With the mood gloomy and many staring at a bleak future, this is definitely not the time to come up with brand launches. Also if you have an announcement to make, say a merger, a new plant being opened and so on, save it for later. Mentally, no-one would care about these during this period.

It’s about a long-term relationship

During this pandemic, it’s not all about trying to sell. What’s more important is to shape your brand’s image as a caring one and build visibility. Remember great brands were not built in a day, make your brand stronger by building that personal connect. Ramp up your social media presence too.

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